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Bringing back Sexy – one fork at a time!

When Dior, Prada and Gucci started making cutlery we knew it was time that we should sit up and take stock of what was happening on our dining tables around New Zealand. Silverware is no longer just a functional object to transport food from plate to dinner; now we are being told that cutlery is an elegant adornment, lustrous addition, decadent tool made of luxurious material which creates an aesthetic which appeals to the ever more design led consumer.

And who are we to ignore such seductive pleas.

When did we last really think about the perfect length of a knife’s blade or the optimum depth of a soup spoon? Do we need to when there are experts out there looking at the functionality of the design of our designer flatware for us? Ensuring our tables are on trend and oozing metro chic. For a mere $200 a piece, Dior will provide you with a life enhancing Espresso spoon. So perhaps we need to start thinking about what we put on your table! Dust off your truffle slicer and consider is it enough?

Too over the top? We think not!

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March 31, 2021 by Robert Oliver