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Deep Fryer - Twin Bath


Brand Deep Fryer

Deep Fryer - Twin Bath Commercial.

This is the deep fryer when you want to cook separate food, Fish in one Chips in the other or fill them both up to bulk cook. It has separate thermostats for controlled cooking.

It comes with two baskets.

It can Deep Fry and Blanch making it very versatile.

It is Gas powered meaning any indoor/ outdoor kitchen area.

9kg bottle will fry for 3 hours at full power, this is included in the pricing.

A 45kg bottle can be supplied for all day use. This is a extra charge.

Volume- 2 x 13 litre Compartments, Total volume 26 Litres.

Basket Size each- 335mm long x 140mm wide and 140mm deep.

Size- 450mm wide