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Colour me cutlery

Why be ordinary when a touch of colour can take a table setting to extraordinary. No longer confined to classic silver, cutlery now can now be the centrepiece of a setting, making a statement in sleek black and rose gold.

Black: Solid, durable and comfortable, black cutlery is not just a colour but a sensation to experience. It’s edgey, it’s sleek and it’s modern. Black cutlery is here and makes a bold statement as the cutlery of choice for corporate events, black tie occasions and who’s who parties.

Silver: Elegant, perfectly weighted and smooth to touch, silver cutlery has a timeless sophistication that is essential for weddings, birthdays and formal events where first impressions make a lasting impression. Quintessential by nature, silver is the ultimate go-to when it comes to cutlery, it could easily be called the swiss army knife of cutlery.

Rose gold: Vintage and romantic, rose gold cutlery instantly elevates a country event or themed banquet and truly makes it pop. Shiny white plates and crisp white linen transform from classic to classy when paired with opulent gold cutlery that feels as good in your hand as it does in your mouth.

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September 07, 2018 by Robert Oliver